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Sports facility air-supported structure 23×42 (internal size), two-layer. Covering the ice arena.

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Description: An air-supported structure (ASS) is a flexible shell made of strong reinforced fabric, hermetically fixed to the foundation. Air is supplied inside the structure, which creates excess pressure and is the support for the structure. The design is safe and reliable in operation, withstands snow and wind loads. The structure is mobile, it is being reinstalled.


Size: 23.0×42.0x8.0 (h). Covered area 966 sq.

Pressure equipment constantly consumes about ~ 3.0 kW / h of electricity.


  • Outer sheath, PVC, not less than 650 g / sq. m,
  • Inner sheath, PVC, not less than 650 g / sq. m,
  • System of fastening to concrete
  • Sluice-vestibule, recommended quantity -2 pcs,
  • Doors for evacuation, recommended quantity -3 pcs.
  • Interior lighting: switchboard, wires, corrugated pipe, points
  • fixtures for fixtures, fixtures – 1 set
  • Pressure unit for pneumatic frame construction – 1 set

Option with a cargo lock is possible.

Additional paid options:

  • Emergency device: diesel unit with a centrifugal fan and a set of automation.
  • Cargo locks of various sizes with swing gates, included
  • Small attachment point (for sockets, etc.)
  • Full color printing
  • Application

Production time: ~ 3.5 months, taking into account the design, materials used and the degree of production workload.

Installation is carried out on a prepared flat area within ~ 3 weeks.

12 months warranty.